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Featured Articles From Our Staff

  • Food for the Road
    Traveling is always a stressful time for anyone. With new sights and smells, travel can be both exciting and overwhelming for your pet. For your peace of mind, and your pet’s comfort, preparation is key in traveling. Before you hit the open road, check out these useful tips from Dr. Sean Delaney in the Summer issue of TulsaPets (PDF, 1.3MB).
  • Interpreting Canine Diet Pet Food Labels
    Few decisions have as great and lasting effect on your dog’s health as how and what you feed every day. But with the vast array of weight control and diet pet products on store shelves today, it can be very confusing finding the right foods to fit your best friend’s needs. Read more about interpreting canine diet pet food labels from Dr. Sean Delaney in the Winter issue of TulsaPets (PDF, 1.3MB).
  • Understanding Food Allergies
    Just like humans, allergies can make a pet’s life miserable. Learn more about understanding pet food allergies from Dr. Sally Perea in the January issue of The New Barker (PDF, 721k).
  • Too much of a good thing
    In developed countries where commercial food provides the majority of a dog’s or cat’s calories, overweightedness and obesity may affect as much as 40% of the pet population. No other health concern presents as many challenges and opportunities to the pet food industry as pet obesity. Find out more about consumer tools and nutritional strategies to fight obesity in pets from Dr. Sean Delaney in the February issue of Petfood Industry (PDF, 1.1MB).
  • Transitioning to a New Food and Preventing Overfeeding
    When bringing home a new bag of pet food, it can be tempting to quickly fill up your pet’s bowl in the excitement of having them enjoy a new food. However, it is important to remember that most dogs and cats are not accustomed to changes in their diets. Read more from Dr. Sean Delaney and Dr. Sally Perea about how to transition to a new food and prevent overfeeding in the August issue of The New Barker (PDF, 717k) .