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Customer Testimonials

My picky Shiba Inu loves the EVO Herring and Salmon dry dog food.

Her coat looks amazing and it seems to be controlling her allergies also. Thank you!

Krista A.

He now displays a gorgeous coat and well-muscled build.

In December of 2009, I adopted a five-year-old male Greyhound from a major adoption group. Although my dog was healthy overall, he appeared to have above average stool volume (defecated 5-6 times per day), as well as persistent gas. Deducing these symptoms were due to poor assimilation, I gradually switched my dog over to EVO s Red Meat Formula (Large Bites). I m happy to report that 1.5 months later, my dog s stool volume has greatly reduced in quantity (now only defecates 2 times per day) and increased in quality (density; no longer loose). The flatulence problem is virtually non-existent. He now displays a gorgeous coat and well-muscled build. Thank you, Natura for making a superior quality food. I intend to use your product for years to come.

Amanda S.

My girls are happier!

…After trying many different approaches such as washing their blankets in hypo-allergenic detergent, giving them [only] purified drinking water, stopping their flea protection and changing their heartworm medication, nothing seemed to change. At wit's end, I did some serious research and decided to try EVO (dry) for small breeds. It has only been about 5 days and already they have been noticeably more energetic and their belly rashes has subsided dramatically! EVO may be more expensive than other brands, but in the long-run, I am extremely satisfied knowing they feel better and glad to see my girls are happier!

Lee R.

I see a difference in him already.

I am a member of Carolina Border Collie Rescue. Most of the dogs I have fostered have been ok skin wise. But, I just got one last week that is a total mess. He has itching, scabs, lesions and redness. He was starving when he came to me, his ribs, hipbones and back bone all sticking out. I started him on EVO Turkey and Chicken along with raw mixed in. I am giving him a multi-vitamin, some immune boosters and salmon oil for his skin. It has only been five days since he arrived and I see a difference in him already. Thank you for your wonderful food.

Cathy G.

Since feeding EVO the days of matted fur are gone.

I started feeding EVO to my three cats when Maxie came to us almost two years ago. My vet is very into nutrition and told me three or four times to feed them EVO. I finally switched and have been glad I did. Maxie when he came to us had lose stools all the time and was smelly. His fur was such a mess he had to be shaved. Maxie now is a happy well adjusted three-year-old cat who is rarely sick and has the most shiny eyes and soft shiny orange fur. Lilly Lu, who eats EVO and another brand because of stones, has never looked so good. Iris s my princess and Meezer s fur is soft fluffy. I always get asked if she is a show cat. Since feeding EVO the days of matted fur are gone and my cats are always soft and ready to cuddle. You can t say that about most long-furred cats.

Laura F.