Pet Food Safety, Quality Control, and Manufacturing

Because we use only the highest quality pet food ingredients in our dog and cat foods, we apply the highest quality manufacturing guidelines to our production process. There are no shortcuts here. We follow the strictest of pet food manufacturing guidelines to ensure we deliver a product that sets the benchmark in the industry. That’s what your pet deserves.

EVO has received certifications from the following organizations:

ISO Quality Management System 22000:2005 compliant – ISO 22000:2005 specifies rigorous standards for food safety management systems. EVO is the only pet food manufacturer in the United States to receive this superior distinction.

American Institute of Baking(AIB) Superior rating certification – “...high AIB ratings confirm a manufacturer's commitment to excellence,” — WDJ February, 2006.

USDA APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) Registered – APHIS registry certifies that EVO purchases all of our meats from USDA registered suppliers who follow all USDA regulations for safe meat handling.

ISO Quality Management System 9001:2000 compliant – An internationally recognized and highly respected system of quality management.

In addition to our accreditations, EVO employs our own standards of quality. Before any of our pet food is shipped, it must pass over 100 quality-control checks.

This isn’t just pet food. This is the foundation for your pet’s long-term health. We want to be sure we provide him or her with the best pet food on the market, manufactured in the best way possible.

Quality Control Summary

EVO’s products are subjected to well over 100 defined quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. Along with the use of only the highest-quality ingredients, these structured and rigorous checks ensure the highest-quality and safest pet food you can buy.

Multiple tests must be passed and specifications must be met for all raw materials and at many key control points during the manufacturing process before any food, treat or supplement makes it out of the manufacturing facility and onto the shelves of your local retailer.

Some of the key points in EVO’s Quality Management and Manufacturing Process that have numerous checks are:

  • Material Supplier Selection & Approval
  • Delivered Raw Material Inspection, Analysis & Traceability
  • Accurate Recipe Assembly & Consistent Mixing
  • Monitoring of the Cooking Process with In-process Specifications Confirmed
  • Correct Packaging Verification & Tracking
  • Ingredient & Finished Product Testing including for melamine & cyanuric acid
  • Warehouse Inventory Management with Full Traceability of Ingredients & Finished Products
  • All checks conducted require quality control verification. Some of the checks used involve laboratory analysis for a nutrient such as protein or for a potential naturally occurring toxin such as aflatoxin.

Other checks involve a sensory assessment by an experienced technician for product characteristics such as color and aroma. In addition, many more in-depth analyses on a detailed and structured schedule are performed on both raw materials and finished products.

Taken together, these measures enable EVO to make safe, healthy pet food.